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With your vision, my tech savvy, and a hefty amount of coffee, we can create a winning strategy that results in more leads and success for your business.

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Hello! I’m David Meacham. I create impactful digital marketing strategies for people with good ideas.

As a rare marketer-designer-developer hybrid, I am passionate and knowledgeable about both the visual(conversion rate optimization) and technical(link building, optimization, offsite) aspects that go into a website's online presence. My mission is to help bring more business, savvy, and good ideas into the world through my methods.

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I’ve been helping business owners for over a decade. In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with amazing companies and indivduals like Adobe, Floridian Furniture, Tropicales by Cita, Jack Caldwell, Verde Dispensaries, Stock Savvy, Healing Ray Faith and other non profits plus many more.

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Respect for your money

Businesses don't pay taxes or feed families, people do. Our defining value is a deep respect for the money we're managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising/marketing budget. As your digital marketing management company, our performance effects the money you and your team take home at the end of the day, and that's an awesome responsibility we take very seriously.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in working together.

I believe your business should celebrate what makes you unique, connect you with new people who will love what you do, and foster stronger relationships with your existing customers.

I’d love to hear about your web or product design project. I also do front-end development work, mainly focused on building responsive Wordpress-based sites.

I don't always respond to every email I receive, but if your project sounds like a good fit I will get back to you within 2 business days.

Reaching out with an invitation to speak, or just want to say hey? Drop me a line at [email protected].