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We don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We do market research and competitive analysis to see what works and doesn’t. We then build upon a proven strategy to drive customers to your website. We will also review your current analytics data to further develop and implement a successful approach to obtaining visitors to your website.


Building a website in some ways is like a building a house, and you wouldn’t start building a house without thorough planning first. We have a similar approach. We take the time to plan, and hopefully, avoid unforeseen obstacles that may arise. In the long run, this careful planning can save time and money. We do things the right way and don’t take shortcuts. We determine the goals for your website and the target audience that you’re aiming to capture. We then develop a call-to-action strategy to accomplish these goals.


This part of the process is where we explore, brainstorm, and sketch various ideas on how we will get visitors to easily navigate your site and complete your call-to-action. This includes creating wireframe mockups, sketches, and prototypes of your website to determine how to provide the best user experience.


The creative process of your website is one of our favorites. Based upon the website questionnaire you filled out we move forward selecting fonts, colors, and imagery (if you have not provided them). We then implement the best practices of modern website design like spacing, consistency, mobile compatibility and more.


This is one of the most critical parts of the website development process. We test your website to ensure functionality on the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE/Edge, and Opera. We ensure that your website is responsive(provide an optimal viewing experience on all devices).


It’s now time to make your website shine! We review and go over our website launch checklist and make sure everything is tip top before launch. We put all the final touches on your website, and with your approval, we launch the live version.