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Phoenix Web Design

Website Design

If you’re looking to build a new site or to update your existing one, we can create an amazing new website for you.

To start we need your requirements, and we will send you a website questionnaire to help this process. This allows us to learn more about your needs, your company, and customers. We can then give you a quote to let you know how much it will cost. We take an agile design first approach.

Depending upon the project scope and your schedule, we can typically create a website within 4-8 weeks.

Website Performance

No one likes a slow website. People want your site to load and perform quickly. In fact, Google does too. Site speed is a ranking factor, and we practice the latest protocols and best practices for website performance.

Every second does count, and that’s why we optimize images, reduce page weight, compress code, utilize caching, and much more. Sometimes you are still at the mercy of your hosting provider on far you can push your performance. That’s where you can benefit from our secured hosting to help improve your website speed, security, and performance.

Phoenix Web Design

Custom Design

Our main specialty is developing and designing custom websites to your specifications. Not only do we create a custom design for you, but we ensure the backend is custom developed as well. We like to keep things simple and clean. However, we are up for complicated design and development as well.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide on-page Search Engine Optimization as part of our services. What does this mean? Simply put, it means optimizing each individual page in order to get your site to rank well on Google to get free traffic. Many people like to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but we actually put in the work and do things the right way.
We can’t promise a quick solution, but we can promise that we will do everything the right way to get your website ranked organically. This includes:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Google Analytics
  • Create and submit an XML sitemap of your website
  • Scan for broken links & crawl problems
  • Structure your data to allow search engines to better understand
  • Submit your site to all of the search engines
  • And more
Phoenix Web Design
Phoenix Web Design

Mobile Responsive Design

All of our websites are designed to display and adapt to all mobile devices. Over half of all website visitors are using mobile devices, and Google will soon, if not already, start ranking websites based on their mobile design and performance. We specialize in developing sites optimized for all mobile devices.

Social Media Integration

Social media plays a big role in the modern business world and can’t be ignored. This is a great way to expand your online outreach to your customers.

We develop and design your site to be integrated with your different social media channels. Whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Flickr, or even Reddit. We can include social sharing, follow buttons, and live or dynamic feeds.

Phoenix Web Design
Phoenix Web Design

Branding and Styleguide

As part of our services, we provide you with a brand style guide that can help deliver guidelines for your brand’s identity and voice.

This includes:
A Typography Sheet – Goes over all the typefaces and sizing that appears throughout the site.
A Color Guide – Indicate what colors are used on the site along with their exact pantone color.

This style guide can help keep your brand consistent and recognizable.

Secured Hosting

Whether you have a big business or simply a personal blog, security is often an overlooked aspect of your website. We provide secured hosting that includes HTTPS, SSL, server maintenance, and backups.

Phoenix Web Design